Dried Figs

Figs are predominantly grown in countries that are dominated by a Mediterranean climate. Although fig plantations are widespread in Turkey, there are variations in soil and climate conditions among the…Continue readingDried Figs


Originating from the genus Pistacia, the species Pistacia vera is native to the Near East, Mediterranean and Western Asia. The green seed, which is the pistachio nut, is in a…Continue readingPistachio

Golden Apricots: Dried Fruits and Nuts Supplier from Turkey

Professional expertise, exceptional customer services, and unfaltering quality: these describe the Golden Apricots company perfectly.

Golden Apricots is a well-know global exporter of fresh and dried fruits which combines years of experience with innovation and advanced technology to provide only the highest quality products.

Some of their offerings include dried apricot, apricot kernel, dried mulberry, dried raisin, dried fig, hazelnut and pistachio.

Golden Apricots cares a lot about customer’s satisfaction with their products and is ready to perform any specific requirement in compliance with International Standards.

Quality Products

We are offering best products in the market. Just for customers.

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Fast Delivery

Order our products and get them as soon as possible.

Our Services

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