Feature of Malatya Apricot


Due to the relevance of ecological characteristics, color, taste, odor, flavor and dry matter

in terms of the world’s most famous apricots are produced in our province. However, Malatya apricots most

important feature of the dry matter content it contains. It has dry matter  more than  other regions of our country and the world.

It is quite high compared with apricot grown in the country.

Turkey’s other regions and the world apricot’s dry matter content average is 15%

Malatya apricots dry matter content average of 25-30%. Including other provinces in Turkey

1 kg of dried apricots in the world is obtained from 6-7 kg of apricots, on the other hand in Malatya, 1 kg of dried apricot is obtained from 3-4 kg of apricots.



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