Turkey is the leading producer of apricots in the world, producing a mammoth 695,000 tons annually (2009 figures) — almost twice the amount of nearest rival Iran — and a staggering 95 percent of Turkey’s dried apricot production is centered in Malatya. Malatya, located in the southwest Eastern Anatolia Region, the crossroads of Central, Mediterranean, Eastern and Southeast Anatolia, is the most important apricot production region in Turkey and in the world producing 7-10% of the world’s table apricots and 80-85% of dried apricots. Although apple, pear, peach, walnut and mulberry can also be grown in this area, the fruit growers of Malatya specialize in apricot culture and still call apricot the ancient name of mish mish despite the fact that the Turkish name of apricot is kayısı

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