Our Exports of Dried Apricots and Apricot Kernels Continue to Grow

Our customers continue to increase thanks to high quality products, reasonable prices and our customer satisfaction policy.

We are not saying that we will give you the cheapest price. We supply high quality products at a reasonable price.

The way we do business: we do not compromise on quality. Once purchasing from us, the customer should want to buy again.

Thank you to our customers who trust us. We think both sides should win in the trade. We grow together with our customers and business partners.

Are you planning to buy/import dried mulberry, dried fig, raisin, pistachio and hazelnut, especially dried apricot and apricot seeds? You are right place.

Contact with Golden Aprictos and get a quotation.

Phone/Whatsapp: +90 541 924 80 44
Skype: goldenapricots
Email: info@goldenapricots.com

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