What should you pay attention to when importing Dried Apricots?

Although there are many beneficial aspects of international trade, it also carries various risks. These risks can be in every field as well as in agricultural products. In this article, you will find what you should pay attention to when importing dried fruits and especially dried apricots.

What should you pay attention to when importing Dried Apricots?

If you want to import agricultural products, it would be good to first examine the legal conditions of your own country.

Because many countries can apply certain restrictions on different agricultural products. In addition, each country can request different analysis reports or documents for each agricultural product. First, find out what conditions your country wants for the product you intend to import.

There are different types of agricultural products and especially dried fruits. I recommend that you determine exactly the type of product you will import. Because there are classifications depending on different factors such as size, quality and taste.

Which Kinds of Dried Apricots Should You Import?

First Step

Dried apricots are basically divided into two. Natural Dried Apricot and Sulphured Dried Apricot. First of all, get to know these two types and make your choice.

Natural Dried Apricots: Natural Dried Apricots dry under the sun and have dark brown color. These dried apricots are more tasty and sweeter comparing to sulphured apricots but they are less durable because chemicals (mainly sulphur) are not used during production.

Sulphured Dried Apricots: These dried apricots are durable because chemicals (mainly sulphur) are used during production.

Second Step

The same product can be grown in different geographies. Decide which country to buy from.

Remember, the name of the product is the same, but you may encounter many different qualities and tastes due to the characteristics of the geography (soil, climate, water) and the type of product. It will be beneficial for you to research the country where you are planning to buy a product.

Third Step

In Turkey, dried apricots are classified according to size. 0-8 (Biggest to smallest) See size chart. There are probably similar classifications in other countries, as the size of the product also affects its price. Decide what size product you will buy.

Fourth Step

Clarify issues related to the quality of the product. Consider issues such as harvest year, quality grade, color, shape, and appearance of the product.

You may need to find a reliable and experienced trading partner in this matter. Because it is important to work with a reliable company to make sure that the product with the specifications you agreed on will ultimately ship.

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